Drone Solutions offer UAV based services on the South Island of New Zealand. Using our state-of-the-art, semi-autonomous multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platform we specialise in low-level aerial video and photography.

To get you started we've made things easy with fixed price packages

Our high resolution imagery can be used to for geo mapping or even to generate accurate surface models This makes it perfect for a range of activities including: inspection of difficult to reach or dangerous structures or areas, identification of boundaries and landscape features, or simply to access viewpoints not possible with either ground-based or traditional aerial photography and video.

Our extensive experience in image creation, coupled with this powerful new technology, allows us to offer a service which solves numerous challenges, quickly and inexpensively compared to traditional methods.

We’re constantly exploring new applications for this technology.

We take an adaptable and innovative approach, so we'd love to discuss potential new applications.

Our Services

Hire-a-Drone Packs

Does what it says on the tin.. You are the director, we provide options for time required, types of machines, cameras and operators to suit your shoot.  

Promo Packs

These comprehensive, all-inclusive packs are ideal for general promotion, especially real-estate. They include a short web video, stills and an ortho-photo  

Geo-Mapping Packs

High resolution geo-located orthographic photography. Perfect for environmental monitoring, resource consents or planning permission.  

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